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Stories Unfold RP

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Stories Unfold RP

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Character Request (specify what work they're from):
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How much RP experience you have:
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  • Character Request (specify what work they're from): Cecilia Tallis (Atonement)
    PB Request: Keira Knightley
    Contact (e-mail or AIM): AIM: Mrs Liz Sparrow
    AIM: Cecilia Tallis
    How much RP experience you have: 11 years with everything from Chat-room/IM based rps to Forums
    Sample post: I had worked for a half hour on a post that went got messed up by my browser refreshing itself unexpectedly...sooo...try #2, which isn't as good as my first one at all.

    A chill ran up Cecilia's spin, which was hard when it was high summer and the breeze was warm. She felt so guilty and selfish, thinking about Robbie, when she usually played mother and watched over the younger ones. The success of this evening rested heavily on the twenty-three year old's shoulders since her mother suffered from easily triggered and painful migraines. She should have noticed the twin's behaviour at the table this evening and asked them what had been bothering them. Then again, Cecilia was sick to death of stopping her life for everyone else. She dreamed of living her own life.

    Her dark eyes scanned over the area, her torch lighting the way, making the dark grounds bright and casting ghastly and haunting shadows in its wake. She was certain the twins were in no danger and that they were safe, sitting somewhere scared and debating about heading back to the house. The dark heightened her senses, her ears straining to hear the sounds in the night. A hopeful sound of a sniffle or whimper of one of the twins or the sound of a child's foot on the hard earth. Nothing. All she could hear was the sound of an occasional voice calling the boy's names and the swish of her satin gown as she walked. If she listened closely, the voice calling was unmistakably Robbie's.

    Her hand groped blindly in the dark, feeling for her brother's arm or back. Cecilia's eyes didn't follow her hand, too engaged with trying to find her missing cousins. She wanted to get back to the house as soon as possible and get back to that unspoken plan with Robbie for this evening. In the dark, she could almost envision this spot as a place for them to cuddle, safe from her mother's view from her window. The intoxicating kisses and drowning embraces they would share. A sound from beyond her sights brought her back to the task at hand.

    'We should go to the temple,' she said as her finger brush against Leon's shirt sleeve.

    Without his approval, she walked forward in her best dress. She went from feeling sleek and excited about her brother's visit to disappointed and searching for two lost children. The only thoughts pushing her on and letting her actually walk to find the children instead of finding Robbie, was the thought of Robbie and his kindness. He was out looking for these children, although they weren't his cousins probably twice as fervently than she was. He would have chided her and possibly even scolded her (even mockingly) that she was being foolish, there was time for their love and passion later...after the boys were found. In a last attempt to make the best of this, Cecilia smiled a little to herself and kept walking.
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