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Literature roleplay
This RP is now closed.
1984, a clockwork orange, a confederacy of dunces, a midsummer night's dream, a time to kill, alice in wonderland, all the king's men, alternate universes, american psycho, angel juan, angel juan perez, anita blake, anita blake vampire hunter, arrowsmith, atlas shrugged, atonement, au, blood and chocolate, books, brave new world, british literature, catcher in the rye, charlie bat, cherokee bat, chocolat, chronicles of narnia, classic literature, crossovers, dangerous angels, dangerous angels series, don quixote, dune, echo, ecstasia, ender's game, equus, fahrenheit 451, fiction, fight club, flowers for algernon, generation x, girl goddess #9, gone with the wind, good omens, hamlet, harry potter, high fidelity, his dark materials, howl's moving castle, les miserables, life of pi, literature, little children, mab, middlesex, misery, missing angel juan, necklace of kisses, neuromancer, novels, nymph, paradise lost, pb, pbs, peter pan, phantom of the opera, picture of dorian gray, pride and prejudice, pride and preudice, primavera, reading, role play, role playing, role playing games, role plays, role-play, role-players, role-playing, roleplay, roleplay games, roleplaying, roleplays, romeo and juliet, rose and the beast, rose red, rp, rp=♥, rpers, rpg, rpg's, rpgs, rps, sirena, slaughterhouse five, slaughterhouse-five, summers at castle auburn, the chronicles of narnia, the color purple, the dresden files, the english patient, the giver, the good earth, the grapes of wrath, the great gatsby, the hanged man, the hours, the kite runner, the last unicorn, the little mermaid, the lovely bones, the orestia, the poisonwood bible, the princess bride, the princess diaries, the snow queen, the sweet trade, the time traveler's wife, the wizard of oz, time traveler's wife, to kill a mockingbird, trainspotting, valiant, violet & claire, violet and claire, wasteland, weetzie bat, wicked, witch baby, witch baby bat, witchbaby, yearling