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Stories Unfold RP

Character Request (specify what work they're from): PB Request:…

Stories Unfold RP

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Character Request (specify what work they're from):
PB Request:
Contact (e-mail or AIM):
How much RP experience you have:
Sample post: [You may also request to do a trial RP with the mod if you have an AIM screenname]
  • Character Request (specify what work they're from): Sophie Hatter (Howl's moving Castle)
    PB Request: Alison Sudol
    Contact (e-mail or AIM): Druerylane@gmail.com
    How much RP experience you have: I've been online RPing for seven years in different fandoms different types of RPs
    Sample post:

    When Sophie opened the door, determined to see Lettie she noticed something rather strange. The area she remembered wasn't anything like the area now. Everything was perfectly different; which made Sophie almost certain that her initial thoughts on leaving were completely correct.

    After all, if she was going to lose all of Market Chipping, it would have been better to stay inside.

    She pulled her gray shawl more tightly around her and turned to go back inside, but the hat shop was no longer there. This didn't make sense. A stray thought passed though her mind and she suddenly became even more frightened then before. What if the Wizard Howl or the Witch of the Waste had done something to change everything. What would they do that for. Maybe Wizard Howl; it was a very wicked thing to do, and Wizard Howl was very wicked indeed.

    Now she wasn't sure what to do. She had nowhere to go, and she knew nothing about this new place. Pulling the shawl tighter around her with worry she looked around for anything she could recognize.
    • Accepted! Please do the following:

      1. Make an AIM screenname
      2. Make an in-character journal
      3. Join the comm with your character's journal
      4. Go the members list and add everyone to your buddy list/journal friends list
      5. Make your first entry, which should show your character's entrance into the City
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