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Stories Unfold RP

Character Request (specify what work they're from): PB Request:…

Stories Unfold RP

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Character Request (specify what work they're from):
PB Request:
Contact (e-mail or AIM):
How much RP experience you have:
Sample post: [You may also request to do a trial RP with the mod if you have an AIM screenname]
  • Character Request (specify what work they're from): Crowley, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
    PB Request: Johnny Depp
    Contact (e-mail or AIM): aim: Shirou Korofel
    How much RP experience you have: In total.... I'd say 10 years overall...
    Sample post:

    Crowley was late.

    This was not a turn of events that often occurred, especially when he was planning to meet with the Angel. He and Aziraphale had been meeting on time for centuries now, and he certainly wasn't about to change that habit now. He pressed heavily on the gas pedal just before a red double-decker bus crossed the intersection. Aziraphale would not approve of the speed he was going. But then again, the angel hardly approved of anything above a sedate 30 kilometers an hour.

    As he ducked and weaved through the traffic that just narrowly missed his precious, vintage black Bentley, Crowley blessed under his breath. The Angel would certainly have something to say about this. He could just picture the blonde working on his ancient computer. He'd give him that knowing look and just not say a word about it even though Crowley knew he wanted to.

    Man did Crowley hate that.

    As he pulled up to the curb in front of the little bookshop in Soho, the red paint curled back into the cement looking for all the world like it had never been there at all. He exited the vehicle and adjusted his shades before striding confidently up to the door with a swagger in his step. The bell jingled as the door swung open at his touch. He put on his most cocky grin, pretending for all the world that he hadn't walked in the door 30 seconds after he was supposed to.

    "Why hello there, Angel... Shall we do the Ritz?"
    • Accepted! Please do the following:

      1. Make an in-character journal
      2. Join the comm with your character's journal
      3. Go the members list and add everyone to your buddy list/journal friends list
      4. Make your first entry, which should show your character's entrance into the City
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