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Stories Unfold RP

Character Request (specify what work they're from): PB Request:…

Stories Unfold RP

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Character Request (specify what work they're from):
PB Request:
Contact (e-mail or AIM):
How much RP experience you have:
Sample post: [You may also request to do a trial RP with the mod if you have an AIM screenname]
  • Character Request: Sirena, from Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli, and Rafe from Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
    PB Request: .... hm, can somone help me pick? ._. *fails*
    Contact (e-mail or AIM): meldawen(at)hotmail(dot)com is both my e-mail and my MSN, and my AOL is TrustyBellBlack
    How much RP experience you have: I used to run an RP group about a year ago, and I RP on my spare time all the time ^_^
    Sample post: I'll do a trail RP if that's okay :O do I still have to do sample posts here? If so I would be glad to, I'm just a little unclear on what I'm supposed to do, sorry ^_^;

    • Hmm, I don't know enough about either to be very much help with PBs, but apparently Bryan Dick is playing Rafe in an upcoming movie, so him, perhaps?

      I look forward to doing your trial scene with you tonight if you're on :).
      • I shall have to search real good then; maybe I'll go make a post on the help page and ask some other people too :)

        Do not even get me started on how bad that movie messed up my poor Rafe XD I'm not psycho about my books, nnnuuuu... XP

        Awesome! I should be on, even if I'm not give me a poke and I should come around when I see the little blinking IM ^_^
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